A Good Sign At Bellevue Theatre

“If you build it, they will come.”

Passersby Saturday were seeing signs of life at the long-closed Bellevue Theatre and a positive message of things to come, with a line on the marquee referencing the famous scene in Field of Dreams.

The new team, Bellevue Enterprises, film and TV producer Luke Parker Bowles, actor Patrick Wilson, developer Steven Plofker, corporate strategist Andy Childs, lawyer Larry Slous, marketer Vincent Onorati, and Brandon Jones, a former head of marketing at Studio Movie Grill, had the marquee changed to send a message to Montclair. They also added their name to the front doors of the theatre.

Can’t wait to see what’s taking shape beyond those doors.

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  1. “If you build it, they will come”

    Seriously? If that doesn’t sum up the lack of sophistication in Montclair, nothing does.
    Field of Dopiness, maybe? Who’s your Daddy? Anyway, this stupidity aside….

    I will just say, Watch – and learn

  2. Lack of sophistication?? SERIOUSLY???
    Hey Frank, maybe you were standing to close to the fireworks this weekend. What’s not to appreciate with the message. This a movie theater and the line is from one of the classic movies of all time (IMO). Why not support this project….Would you rather see the building torn down and replaced with another nail salon or coffee shop??

  3. Seriously? Nah. I think highly of the Looney Tunes gang and BB was my favorite.

    I’m glad you raised the question of “supporting” this project. Yet, you didn’t explain what “support” actually means. Please clarify:
    Does providing “support” depend on your position and/or self-interests?
    Must it be absolute or can one qualify their support?
    Does one’s “support” run with the land or does it have limitations?
    Will the Lackawanna Rules apply? e.g. the neighborhoods directly impacted (Wards 1&2) determine the public good
    Can I withdraw my support at a later point if the execution deviates from plan or is it an open barn-door deal?

    There are a few other suitable questions to be asked before you ask for blind support…and throw nail salons in our face. I will watch and I will learn, but don’t liberally spread pixie dust from a bygone era.

  4. And keep certain factors in mind:

    Movie theaters are a declining business with an increasing majority of the revenues derived from ancillary sources (e.g. concessions). This proposal’s viability is dependent on the primary use of alcohol sales. The number of available seats serving alcohol is roughly 400. Ask the Forest Street residents how valet parking has worked for neighborhood around The Crosby. The solution there is the new parking deck…which the U Mtc neighborhood has already rejected as a solution for U Mtc.

    So, there is another side to “build it, they will come”. If the neighborhood still “supports” this, then fine. I just wonder who will be around to remind the supporters how the “benefits” outweighed the detriments.

  5. Another consideration is parking enforcement – something the UMtc Business Assoc should be concerned about. The current Parking Utility (PU) enforcement practice is discriminatory. The PU treats permit space violators in the evening (past 7pm) depending on which side of the train tracks you park. The PU only enforces evening permit space violators on the East (Valley Rd) side of the tracks. There are interesting reasons for how this came to be and I’ll let the Planning Board explain their rational. FYI, the PB won’t get change to apply their rational with this application as it will be heard by the Zoning Board.

    Visitors patronizing the Valley Rd & Bellevue Ave businesses, and park in a permit space @ 7:30pm will be issued a ticket. If you park on the other side of the tracks, you won’t. The PU needs an equitable enforcement policy for all UMBA establishments.

  6. Frank,
    Riveting thoughts and lots to unpack here.
    Do bear in mind that this is an endeavor first and foremost focused on the community and filling a void that has affected a lot of Montclair and local residents. We all need the Bellevue back.
    If you want to have a substantive chat over a coffee, I am sure it could be arranged.
    We take this project very seriously and want the very best for the community so perhaps we can help to settle your mind on some of these matters.
    Very best wishes,
    Luke Parker Bowles

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