Here’s 20 Bucks: Layers of Flavors, Montclair

The name of the restaurant rings true.

Layers of Flavors, located on Walnut Street, is a charming eatery/bakery serving French-inspired fare with flavor to spare. Big, open windows in the bright welcoming space allow light to softly hit the tables. The bakery case is chock full of desserts such as macarons, tarts, slices of cakes, cupcakes and pies. And yes, you can order a full cake in advance for a special occasion. But don’t let all the yummy desserts distract you from the entrees.

Top: Croissant Salmon Sandwich
Left: Swiss Cheese and Beef Flank Steak Flatbread
Bottom: Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon. Lemonade and ice tea to wash it all down.

The first dish I tried was the Avocado Toast with Smoked Salmon. A hefty piece of toast featuring a thick layer of creamy avocado and slices of smoked salmon. The ingredients tasted fresh, and the dish was perfect for a lighter meal. Next up – the Swiss Cheese and Beef Flank Steak Flatbread. I really enjoyed this handmade flatbread — the beef flank steak and gooey cheese, paired with the crispy bread, paired perfectly. Another favorite: the Croissant Salmon Sandwich. The crunch of cucumber offered a good contrast and refreshing crunch to the soft and salty salmon; sandwiched between two halves of a fluffy croissant, this sandwich was raised to a new level.

Double Chocolate Chip cookie and Almond Croissant.

Choosing desserts was no easy task, but I settled on the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie and the Almond Croissant. At first glance, the cookie was calling to me and I can safely say it tastes as good as it looks — warm, chewy and chock full of chocolate chunks. The almond croissant was everything an almond croissant should be. The inside was fluffy and had a touch of marzipan, and the outside was flaky and topped off with crispy, toasted almonds.

If the line at Montclair Bread Company is too long, and you want to go somewhere nearby, give Layers of Flavors a try. Plus, everything is under $10!

Go for a Handmade Flatbread for lunch. It’s a bit more filling and savory.
The dishes are perfect sizes for a light breakfast or lunch.

Layers of Flavors, 102 Walnut Street, Montclair, 973.860.7569

Georgia Chen is a sophomore at Montclair High School. Here’s 20 Bucks explores affordable and adventurous eats around town for students.

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