Montclair Schools Announce Modified Closed Campus Lunch Plan For High School (POLL)

Montclair Schools sent a message to parents Friday regarding plans for a a Modified Closed Campus Lunch (Community Lunch) at the high school that would require both freshman and sophomores to remain on campus — a departure from the existing rule that allows all sophomores, juniors and seniors to go off campus for lunch.

According to the announcement, the change in policy is to addresses efforts “to enhance student support services and promote student safety.”

The changes are to accommodate Montclair High School’s new rotating drop schedule, which results in all students –roughly 2200 — scheduled for lunch at the same time.

Changes to lunch at Montclair High School:

  • All freshmen and sophomores must remain on campus for their lunch period.
  • Freshman will eat lunch in the Annex Cafeteria.
  • Sophomores will eat lunch in the Main Cafeteria, LGI and Large Gym.
  • Juniors and seniors may go off campus for their lunch period providing they meet the following criteria:
  • *Have parent approval documented in Parent Access.
    *Have their official picture IDs (no temporary IDs).
    *ALL juniors and seniors who have parent approval documented in Parent Access will begin the school year with the off-campus lunch privilege.

2018 – 2019 Student Lunchtime Volume Per Period Compared to 2019 – 2020 Community Lunchtime Period

Changes to manage the new lunch policy:

Students who leave campus for their lunch period must exit and re-enter through the main doors ONLY, which will be monitored by several security staff members. Color-coded ID cards and color-coded lanyards, which clearly identify the student’s class year will be scanned through Genesis Student Information System to ensure the student is, in fact, able to leave. Any student who is not able to leave will be directed to the main eatery areas in the school. Security personnel and administration will monitor all other outside access points from the building during the lunch period.

Parents and students: what do you think about the new plan for lunch?

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  1. According to the announcement, the change in policy is to addresses efforts “to enhance student support services and promote student safety.”

    Another way of saying the students are immature for their age.

  2. So the solution to the over-crowding associated with having all students eat at the same time is to have more students stay on campus for lunch? Makes perfect sense. I am sure the sophomores will be fighting for the opportunity to eat while sitting on the floor of a sweaty gym. Wouldn’t the better approach be to let parents decide whether their children are sufficiently mature to venture the 50 yards to Ruthie’s?

  3. You would have a good argument… as long as the district doesn’t share the Sophomore “safety” and “support service” numbers. This is way bigger than a pizza at Ruthies. This is a liability exposure issue to taxpayers. Maybe the parents should step up and ask a pointed question or two. Maybe challenge the first excuse you are fed. Start with asking some obvious ones (How long Sophomores have had the off-campus privilege? Has it ever been rescinded in the past? Campus access overall?) then move on to the important questions. And please, try not to accept the class scheduling reason.

  4. And whether there exists any evidence that sophomores have had “safety” issues at a level greater than juniors to justify the change in treatment.

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