Honor Immigrants, Commemorate Tisha B’Av Aug. 11 at ICE Headquarters in Newark #CloseTheCamps

The community is invited to stand in solidarity with immigrants experiencing unjust law enforcement and wanton destruction and commemorate the most tragic day of the Jewish calendar with a recitation of Lamentations at 10:00 am on Sunday August 11, 2019, at the Peter Rodino Federal Building (ICE Headquarters), 972 Broad Street in Newark.

Observance at Elizabeth Detention Center

“Jews know something about the immigrant experience,” says Bnai Keshet senior Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, who in 2017 started holding a commemorative Tisha B’av event at the Elizabeth Detention Center and now counts at least 17 other participating congregations. “What we started in 2017, has led to over 30 similar events across the country this year.

“We know what it means to be a stranger, an unwelcome resident sometimes tolerated but always in danger of being uprooted and forced to become refugees,” Tepperman continued. “Whether we’re marking Jews’ exile from Eretz Yisrael following the destruction of the Second Temple or mourning our exile from Spain, we use Tisha B’Av to commemorate the nearly generational Jewish tragedy of emigrating to seek a safer home.

Participants will observe Tisha B’Av at the Peter Rodino Federal Building, 972 Broad Street in Newark, headquarters for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. By chanting Lamentations outside ICE headquarters, participants declare their solidarity with all immigrants and refugees who feel compelled to leave the safety of their homes to search for a safer life.

This #JewsAgainst ICE Tisha B’Av action is one of 30 Tisha B’Av: Jews Say #CloseTheCamps events across the country. For more information, call Bnai Keshet at 973-746-4889.

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