Not One, But Two, New Coffee Destinations Landing Soon In Montclair

Montclair’s coffee cup runneth over and we couldn’t be happier. Baristanet loves Montclair’s rich independent coffee culture and can’t wait to order a latte at these two new coffee spots coming soon!

Coming to Claremont Avenue near No. Fullerton, is Paper Plane Coffee Company.

Established in 2015 in Brooklyn, Paper Plane Coffee’s story started some 150 years ago in Colombia. Growing up, owner Jonathan Echeverry spent summers on his grandfather’s coffee farm.

“Every morning when I would wake up, he would strap a basket on to me and I would help pick coffee,” says Echeverry, who adds that his great great grandfather was one of the first people to introduce coffee to the region.

The name Paper Plane comes from the family’s secondary farm, located higher in the plains of the mountain.

“We actually grow eucalyptus for the national paper company, Carton Colombia. I always thought it was funny that we grew paper on the plains, so I coined them the Paper Plains. And just underneath the Paper Plains, we grow our coffee. Paper Plane is just a play on words,” Echeverry explains.

Even though Echeverry comes from five generations of Colombian coffee growers, Paper Plane Coffee specializes in roasting coffees from all over the world. Echeverry enjoys using his background in food and beverage to create fun coffee mocktails.

The new Montclair location will serve as Paper Plane Coffee’s flagship. Besides roasted coffee, you can also enjoy teas (loose leaf, matcha, Chai and cascara, the husk of the coffee fruit).

Paper Plane Coffee, 194 Claremont Ave., Montclair, 973-746-2739.

Legacy Coffee, a specialty coffee shop convenient to Bay Street Station (yay!) is opening soon at the corner of Glenridge Avenue and Bay Street, and the owners are a father/daughter team.

Co-founded by longtime Montclair residents Sinéad MacLeod and her father Dewar MacLeod, Legacy Coffee is “a family business committed to providing a valuable service and welcoming experience to the coffee-starved Fourth Ward.”

Sinéad MacLeod first immersed herself in coffee culture at age 15, working for Montclair’s beloved Café Eclectic. Since then, she has accrued more than 10 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, working as a barista, café manager and barista trainer, including managerial experience running neighborhood cafés in Brooklyn, Queens and Montclair. Sinéad also holds a B.A. from NYU and an M.F.A. in Studio Art from William Paterson University; her art will adorn the walls of Legacy Coffee.

Montclair residents Sinéad MacLeod and her father Dewar MacLeod are opening Legacy Coffee by Bay Street Station.

Co-owner Dewar MacLeod loves coffee and coffee shops! He is a professor of history at William Paterson University as well as a singer/guitarist for Thee Volatiles, a Montclair punk rock band.

Rounding out the team is Sinéad’s brother Rory MacLeod, who is also an experienced barista. He started with Montclair’s much-loved Java Love three years ago at age 16 and has been crafting stellar cappuccinos and rich customer service experiences ever since.

Legacy Coffee will offer a variety of coffees from local and prestige roasters, prepared as espresso drinks, cold brew, and classic filtered drip. Legacy will also sell pastries, snacks, and grab-and-go goods geared to the large commuter population, as well as coffee-by-the-pound for home preparation and “joe-to-go” boxes.

Both Sinéad and Rory grew up in the 4th Ward and attended Montclair’s public schools from K to 12. They are happy to bring coffee closer to The Bay Street Train Station, noting that it’s the only train stop in Montclair without a coffee shop nearby.

Legacy Coffee, 41 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair.

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