That’s How We Roll “Disrupting” Snack Industry From Montclair’s Glenridge Avenue

That’s How We Roll has been disrupting the snack industry since its inception in 2014 — and now its calling Montclair home.

The six-year old snack company will continue to put out products that “disrupt” the snack industry by filling new consumer needs, right from its new headquarters located on Montclair’s Glenridge Avenue.

Parm Crisps. (Photos courtesy of That’s How We Roll).

“This has kind of become our biggest year yet,” said Kevin Joseph, vice president of marketing for That’s How We Roll. “With the growth of our brands comes the growth of our consumers and the growth of our company and we finally got to a point where we finally grew out of our offices and wanted to move somewhere that was exciting and vibrant and that could fit our growth in the long term, and that’s how we ended up in Montclair.”

That’s How We Roll owns two products so far, Parm Crisps and Thinsters, both of which offer consumers a healthier and tasty snack option, without hitting the extremely clean level.

“If you look at indulgent categories in the grocery store, there have been a lot of brands that have disrupted the indulgent categories — either really unhealthy or super healthy brands, but there isn’t anything in between.”

That’s where That’s How We Roll’s products come in.

Parm Crisps come in five different flavors.

Parm Crisps are the first-ever cracker that’s made of 100% cheese, according to Joseph, which offers a solution to people who want a nice crunch and cheesy flavor, but they don’t want the gluten and carbohydrates that comes with eating most crackers. Parm Crisps have zero carbs and nine grams of protein per serving. They’re also gluten free, keto-friendly and have no sugar and no growth hormones in them.

“They’re a straight snack cracker that’s much healthier for you. It’s also a better alternative to a crouton. They’re great on soups and salads,” Joseph said. “They come in seven different flavors now and a bunch of different formats. Our versatility in this brand is what makes them extra special.”

Thinsters strikes the same notes in the cookie category. The cookies have no artificial ingredients, no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oil, only use real butter and real cane sugar and are oven-baked.

Thinsters have no artificial ingredients and boast about half of the calorie count of most cookie brands.

“We’re also about half of the calorie count per serving, so we’re trying to get consumers to take that stepping stone to eat healthier, and we’re doing it in a really fun way, because our brands are full of flavor. We also have interesting and relevant flavors so we like to pride ourselves on not only being a much healthier cookie, but also because of our flavors,” said Joseph.

Parm Crisps and Thinsters are readily available in grocery stores and drug stores across the country.

Learn more about That’s How We Roll and where to find its products here.

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