Bloomfield Police Conducting ‘Cops in Crosswalks’ Operation to Crack Down on Unsafe Driving

During the month of September, the Bloomfield Police Department will be cracking down on drivers who do not stop for pedestrians using the crosswalks.

The ‘Cops in Crosswalks’ operation, which will be taking place at dozens of locations throughout the township, will have undercover police officers posing as pedestrians at crosswalks. The undercover officers who observe a driver failing to stop at a crosswalk will instruct their partners in nearby police cars to pull the driver over. From there, the officers will follow standard protocol, but will also be sure to give the driver pamphlets on the importance of stopping at crosswalks.

“Residents of Bloomfield should feel safe crossing our streets with their families. Hopefully this initiative will educate drivers and residents alike,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “The Bloomfield Police Department is doing amazing work with undercover officers participating to keep this town a safe place for everyone on the road. We have seen success with our ‘Cops in Crosswalks’ operations for over 10 years and we are certain that this success will continue.”

“We are focusing this operation around education. We are aiming to teach residents about pedestrian rights and laws to prevent accidents this month, and beyond,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “Additionally we have Bloomfield officers conducting radar enforcement campaigns to further reassure that distracted and unsafe driving has no place in Bloomfield.”

The Bloomfield Police Department has conducted ‘Cops in Crosswalks’ operations every year for over 10 years with the goals of educating drivers and protecting pedestrians. As the new school year commences, this ‘Cops in Crosswalks’ operation will have a heightened focus on unsafe driving in school districts, but will be conducted at other locations in town.

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  1. Will they also stop drivers failing to stop at PERCEIVED (i.e., unmarked) crosswalks? Cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians in those too, but most drivers are unaware. ANY intersection is a crosswalk, marked or not!

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