Montclair High School Students Involved In Car Accident This Morning

Montclair Schools released the following information regarding a car accident involving two Montclair High School students at Valley Road and James Street.

Dear Families/Caregivers:

Dr. Parker wanted to let you know about an incident that took place involving high school students today. Please see the message below sent by Principal Grosso.

Thank you,

Montclair Public Schools

Dear MHS Parents/Guardians,

At 10:50 am this morning, two Montclair High School students were driving in the vicinity of James Street and Valley Road and were involved in a car accident. The Police Department responded to the scene. Parents were notified and are with their children. Detective Falaise, Mr. Grosso and Dr. Parker were in contact with the families. We want to let you know that both students are doing okay.


Anthony M. Grosso


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