Renaissance Middle School Parents Frustrated Over School Bus Service Issues

Montclair’s Renaissance Middle School parents want answers after their students experienced service snafus with school buses coming 10 or more minutes earlier than scheduled, missing stops and getting to school late. Some parents report that buses are half full because parents are giving up and driving their students to school instead.

“There has been no response from the Transportation office, or any communication on the issue whatsoever to parents, and the issues continue. This is an issue that is affecting the safety of our children and it is not being addressed by those in charge,” one parent tells Baristanet.

Another parent says she has witnessed dangerous, erratic driving.

“My daughter’s bus has arrived to school late every single day when she can even catch it because they don’t arrive at the time they say so we’ve had to drive her. The driver did not appear to know how to operate a bus INCLUDING OPENING AND CLOSING THE DOORS. The safety violations I have witnessed are astounding and I am no longer putting my daughter on the bus until these issues are resolved. I have left at least 10 voice mails for the transportation office with no response. There has been zero communication from the district to parents.”

A third parent confirmed how erratic service has been:

“I’m writing to vent my frustration with all of the issues happening with Renaissance Middle School buses. Children are being left behind, expected to cross busy streets (without the stop sign out) and buses are either arriving extremely early or very late. One child even had to Uber to school because the bus never came. Another time, children were left behind at school. They were walking to the bus on time and the buses just pulled out, without the students. Also, school starts at 8:05 and there have been several times buses don’t arrive until 9:30! There has been no communication from the transportation department. Many parents are extremely frustrated and worried about the safety of our children. At times, the bus aide doesn’t even get out of their seat to help kids on and off the bus.”

Renaissance School parents are voicing similar reports on a parent Facebook page.

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  1. Are you kidding me?? A middle school parent expects a bus aide to “get out of their seat to help kids on and off the bus.” But then another has an uber driver (well screened??) drive their kid to school?
    C’mon Montclair!!!

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