Senator Bob Menendez Comes To Montclair To Talk Gun Control (VIDEO)

We need to try something different.

That was the message at a Montclair township press conference — a call for a new approach to get reasonable gun safety measures passed.

Senator Bob Menendez, joined by Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson, Representative Mikie Sherrill and other political leaders and gun safety advocates, made a call for Congress to act and pass common sense gun safety measures — and called specifically for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring the Keep Americans Safe Act up for a vote.

Menendez spoke about back to school, and how it should not be a time for parents and children to be worrying if a mass shooting would take place at their school.

“No single law can stop every tragedy. We know that, in fact, it takes a human being to pull the trigger. But you can’t pull the trigger, if you don’t have access to a gun. And you can’t pull the trigger 90 or 100 times, if you don’t have a high capacity magazine. This is how we save lives,” Menendez said.

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