Bloomfield’s Brilliant Idea: Selling Nearly 1,200 Vintage Bloomfield Street Signs In Online Auction

If you loved the old Bloomfield street signs and want a piece of township nostalgia, you can get it.

Choose your favorite street sign and score a piece of Bloomfield history. Some 1,178 Bloomfield street signs will be made available for sale during an online auction.

The Township replaced all street signs in town over the past 11 months.

“When people saw the new signs, they were thrilled, but wanted to know what would become of the old signs. There are a lot of our residents and former residents who wanted their old street sign from their old blocks. I’ve had wonderful calls from friends who wanted to know if I could get them their sign,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “We felt this was a great way for everyone to have a fair shot at getting the sign that they want. I thank Councilwoman Davis for the great suggestion to use an online approach to making these signs available. Everyone has a chance.”

The online auction will be taking place from October 14 at 8:00am – October 19 at 8:00am and will be open to anyone who wants to own a piece of Bloomfield history.

Many street names are represented by more than one sign, including 42 Broad St., 17 Bloomfield Ave., 32 Broughton Ave., 14 Watchung Ave., and 13 Watsessing Ave. signs. Most signs are the recognizable modern green, a large minority are the older-looking blue and two are yellow.

The online auction can be accessed at The bidding will begin at $10 per sign and the highest bidder will be awarded the sign at the time of closing. All winning bid payments must be submitted by Wednesday, October 23 at 12:00pm. The auction site only accepts paypal payments but customers are able to check out as “guests” through paypal. No other method of payment will be accepted for security purposes. Winners will need to show proof of payment/bid via a printed paper receipt or email confirmation on their mobile device at time of pickup. Pick up dates are Friday, November 1 from 1:00-8:00pm, Sunday, November 3 from 1:00-5:00pm and Monday, November 4 from 5:00-9:00pm in the Civic Center, located at 84 Broad St.

The auction, operated by local Ebay proprietor Daniel Diner with assistance and resources from the Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Works and Parks Recreation & Cultural Affairs, will benefit the Township of Bloomfield. Anyone with questions can call Diana Aviles in the Mayor’s Office at (973) 680-4077.

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