Baristanet Profile: Lovlee Tang

Name: Lovlee Tang

Where do you live? Bloomfield 

When did you move there? My husband, children, and I relocated from the Philadelphia area to Bloomfield in September of 2015, after my husband accepted a new job position in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in two very different areas. I was born in El Paso Texas and lived there until I was 12 years old. Then I moved to Virginia with my father and stepmother. We first lived on a military base called Fort Pickett in Blackstone VA. When my father retired from the military, we moved to South Hill, Va, where my father still lives to this day. 

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion? 

I can definitely say that I am living my “everyday passion” while making a living! I create businesses that allow me to serve in the community, use my creative gifts, contribute financially to our household, and still have my children with me. Presently I own and operate a local art studio here in Bloomfield called Lovlee Art StudiosWe offer Caretaker and Me Art Sessions, Children’s Art Camps, Birthday Celebrations, Classes, Paint & Sip, and more. I am in my second full year of business, and it has been a true gift and a joy to serve within my community!

Coffee, tea or … ? COFFEE for sure! I take it Black with Raw Sugar! 

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend day? 

Well, I am wife, busy mother of four, and a business owner. I feel like I have been going nonstop, so this question is right on time! Right now, a perfect weekend day for me would include me having a full day to myself. I would wake up early to enjoy the calm, peace and quiet of the morning. A hot cup of coffee, along with all of my favorite books, my journal, a few art supplies, a nice bottle of red wine (for later in the day), and a comfortable bed are all musts! On this perfect weekend day I would read, write, create a small piece of art, and sleep. If I could also throw in an additional uninterrupted night of sleep, that would be even more AMAZING! 

What’s your favorite local restaurant? I LOVE Cafe Mobay located here in Bloomfield on Broad Street. I prefer to dine in the restaurant and order. The food is always hot, fresh, and so good! 

What’s on your nightstand? I always like to keep a cup or bottle of water, a pen, my journal, and my key favorite books in arms reach of anywhere I may fall asleep.

What are you listening to? I am a podcast listener. Lately I have been listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Side Hustle Pro, and The BizChix Podcast. 

What are your current indulgences? Coffee & Fresh Baked Bread with butter! 

What talent you would most like to have? I often wish I was a better cook. I am a good cook… but I always admire those who really love to experiment and try out new recipes. 

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair (or your town)? 

Oh I love this question. The best kept secret about my town is Broughton Ave. I love the location of Broughton Ave. because it is nestled right in between two well known roads, Watchung and Bay Ave. So when I give a general reference… people can catch a visual of where Broughton Avenue is located. In the past two years, I have watched this little corner evolve, and really become a community hub. In our neck of the woods we have Broughton Avenue Dry Cleaners and Wine World, Rombiolo Bakery Cafe, Don Ponzoni Pizza, Fix N Fuel Auto, Eye Care Center of New Jersey, Leap-ei (A Play & Learning Space providing Early Intervention for Children), two convenience stores, SAB Studio hair salon, and Lovlee Art Studios – my home away from home!

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? I would like for people to say that Lovlee made me feel important, loved, and she inspired me to live my best life! 


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