Glen Ridge Police Euthanize Red Fox That Bit Three People

Glen Ridge Police Department responded to the area of Woodland Avenue Friday morning on a reported animal bite by a red fox. While Officers and Bloomfield Animal Control were searching for the fox, two additional bite incidents were reported. In total, there were five (5) reported attacks, three (3) of which resulted in bite-related injuries. All three bite victims were brought to local hospitals for treatment.

At approximately 11:35am, Glen Ridge Officers located the fox on the NJ Transit railroad tracks near Toney’s Brook. As Officers were tracking the animal, it turned and attempted to attack one of the officers and was subsequently euthanized. The fox was taken by Bloomfield Animal Control for rabies testing by the New Jersey State Fish, Game, and Wildlife Commission.

Any concerns for wildlife population control and behavior questions may be directed to NJS Fish & Game Wildlife Control at 908-735-8793.

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