Sponsored: Be Well at Brookdale ShopRite – Health Screenings, Flu Shots, Prescriptions And More

With temperatures turning crisp and cold, the beauty of Autumn is fading and the magic of winter soon upon us. Apples, pumpkins, cider and comfort cooking yes, but for many of us that also signals flu and cold season and seasonal depression, with concerns about prevention and treatment. Brookdale ShopRite offers you health solutions at their full-service pharmacy, located opposite customer service. 

Head Pharmacist Al Brunetti says “having everything here – medicines, nutritional supplements, health and beauty products plus having dietitian Jessica Serdikoff on staff – our concept is to work as a single unit.” This makes it convenient to obtain health information and products that keep you healthy all year long.

Free Health Screenings
In partnership with Hackensack Mountainside Hospital and Bloomfield Health Department, Brookdale ShopRite offers free preventive screenings: 

Blood Pressure Screenings: the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of every month, 10am – 12pm

Blood Sugar Screenings: the 4th Thursday of every month, 10am-12pm*

*Due to the holidays, the blood sugar screening for November was rescheduled to November 14. In December, both blood sugar and blood pressure screenings are offered on December 12.

Flu Shots
Should adults get vaccinated with a flu shot – or something more?  The CDC recommends vaccines for both adults and children – in adults some vaccines wear off over time, and depending on where you work, you could be at risk for increased exposure. Age, lifestyle, and chronic health conditions are also a factor.

Brunetti adds “it’s important to get flu shots on a regular basis. Just stop by the pharmacy – no appointment is needed, and it’s usually free, covered by your health insurance.”

He adds, “one of the most common questions I get is ‘am I going to get the flu from the vaccine?’ The answer is no. Very few people experience brief symptoms, but for a year of protection, I think it’s worth it. Ideally, get vaccinated by the end of November, but anytime is ok and never too late.”

Brookdale ShopRite pharmacy can administer vaccinations for hepatitis, HPV, meningitis, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), pneumonia, Tdap, and shingles. Costs vary depending on insurance benefit plans.

Convenient Prescription Services
Brookdale Pharmacy makes it a one-stop shop for groceries and prescriptions – there’s even a savings program where you can get certain generics as low as $3 for a 30-day supply; pick up a flyer by the pharmacy that lists all medications, and download the ShopRIte Pharmacy app for easy refilling of prescriptions. even easier. Prescriptions can be faxed by your physician to (973) 893-1623.

A Homeopathic Approach
At Brookdale ShopRite you’ll find a variety of holistic products such as Elderberry, probiotics, echinacea herbal tea, local raw honey, CBD oil and supplements.

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system
Harvard Medical School suggests ways to naturally boost your immune system. Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take toward naturally keeping your immune system strong and healthy. Need some help? Why not ask Brookdale’s Dietitian, Jessica, about her one-on-one counseling services!

Pharmacists are available at 1409 Broad Street, Bloomfield (973) 338-4143 to answer any questions.

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