Baristanet Profile: 2019 Year in Review

The Friday Profiles on Baristanet are always interesting and fun to read. In 2019 we’ve had scores of profiles that help us get to know our neighbors and learn about their passions, favorite reads and listens, the area restaurants they love, and secrets about their towns that make living in Baristaville so special. We’ve randomly chosen 12 profiles from 2019 to highlight, but you can peruse the entire collection here: Baristanet’s Friday Profile.

Do you know someone who lives in our area and would make a fantastic Friday Profile? Contact Kristin here.

JoAnh Pitts * Clarence McKnight * Kate Tuttle * Kathleen Bedoya * Ari Laura Kreith

 Kendra Johnson * Buddy Evans * Pooja Bakri * Michael Aquino * Daniel McCormick

 Elizabeth Ruebman * Roger Sedarat


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