Black Lace Blues Takes Final Bow After 13 Years, Farewell Show At Great Notch Inn

(L to R) Bruce Tyler, Max Mcmahon, Hilly Ephros, Brian Feldman, Larry “the Lip” Lipschultz.and Richard Reiter,(sitting in with the band for the first set).

The Great Notch Inn was filled to capacity with fans of the local band “Black Lace Blues” Saturday night as they performed their final show after 13 years.

In a message on their Facebook page, the band explained the ending:

The band has been in existence for over 13 years (some of us joined 7 years ago) but all good things eventually come to an end. Our intrepid leader, singer, guitarist, and composer Brian Feldman is moving to Florida in mid-December. It has been a has been a privilege for me to play with Brian, Bruce Tyler, Max McMahon and Hilly Ephos. We want to thank everyone who has come to see us over the years. Special thanks to The Great Notch Inn, Hat City Kitchen, Ruthies BBQ, and Montclair Center Stage.

Photo: Michael Reitman

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