Montclair Police Investigating More Hate Vandalism Found at Montclair High School

Three swastikas were found on two desks in a classroom in the main building of Montclair High School Tuesday. Two symbols were found on one desk while one was identified on another. Montclair High School is investigating this incident in partnership with the Montclair Police Department.

The vandalism was immediately reported to administration by the teacher assigned to the classroom. Administration contacted the Montclair Police Department to report the symbol of hate and removed the two desks from use in the classroom to remove the graffiti.

In a letter to the MHS Community, Principal Anthony Grosso writes:

This is the second act of hate using a swastika that Montclair High School has encountered within the past month and a half. Behavior such as this will not be tolerated at Montclair High School and those found responsible for these actions will be subject to disciplinary action aligned with the Student Code of Conduct.

This display of anti-Semitism is an example of why the ongoing work of fostering an inclusive and accepting environment is vital to the students in our community. We ask that you partner with Montclair High School, especially during this holiday season, and have a conversation with your children about how this symbol of hate impacts the many members of our school and community.

Montclair High School will be working with our community partners and the Anti-Defamation League for support and resources to bring an awareness to our students of the negative impact of incidents such as this.

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