Montclair’s Good Plans Cafe Gets Thumbs Up For Vegan Menu

If you are looking for a good local spot to get vegan fare (especially now with news of Mundo Vegan’s closing in 2020), Good Plans Cafe offers an entire menu that’s 100% vegan and gluten free.

Walk into Good Plans and you are greeted by the cafe’s light, cheery and intimate atmosphere. Paintings of delicate cherry blossoms adorn pale blue walls. The center of the space houses the bar, where you can order drinks — everything from a classic Cafe Americano to (an almost too pretty to drink) Pomegranate Blush Latte ($5).

The eclectic menu offers something for everyone, from lighter bites to satisfying bowls.

The pesto pasta ($12.99) made of black bean noodles was hearty and flavorful, measuring up to its non-vegan counterpart. The avocado toast, was an exquisite take on a simple classic.

The pizza of the day ($12.99) with house-made dough, pesto cashew, marinara and market vegetables was savory and provided a variety of flavor with every bite. Next time, we’ll try the Coconut Ramen ($14.99) featuring Thai tomato coconut broth, black bean noodles, mushrooms, nori, scallions and onions.

Good Plans Cafe evokes a soothing atmosphere with comfort food that’s just as good to eat as it is good for you. Whether you’re stopping in for a coffee, or sitting down for a meal, Good Plans Cafe in Lackawanna Plaza has got you covered. All in all, having a bite at Good Plans Cafe is a good plan!

Good Plans Cafe, 22 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, (201) 396-5828

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