The Montclair Foundation Launches Annual Appeal Campaign for Charitable Giving and Preservation of Van Vleck House & Gardens

The Montclair Foundation (TMF) has launched their annual appeal for charitable donations and the preservation of the historic Van Vleck House & Gardens. The goal of the campaign is to educate residents about the vital role that the foundation plays in the lives of our town, and to encourage participation in the campaign at all levels.

“The Foundation is uniquely positioned to understand the broad range of needs in our community,” said Emer Featherstone board chair. “Board members and local volunteers serve on the grant-making committee and evaluate each funding request with on-site visits and in depth research. Each grant represents a thoughtful process and truly reflects our town’s interests and concerns.”

“Each year, an increasing number of grant requests are submitted and the grant requests we receive exceed our grant budget,” stated Deborah Hirsch, TMF board member and grants chair. “This fall, for example, more than 18 nonprofit organizations submitted grant requests totaling over $ $124,403 with only $43,500 eligible to give away. With increasing financial pressures at the state and federal levels, we anticipate the need will be even greater next year.”

In 1979, this vision of local philanthropy inspired Montclair residents to form the foundation. For more than 40 years, residents have provided generous gifts of skills, time and money “to make our area a better place to live, work and play,” according to Charles Fischer, Executive Director. “This giving enlivens our sense of community and connects our lives to others.”

“Our comprehensive grant-making programs and the operation of the Van Vleck House depend on the generosity of local donors,” said Fischer. “Funds come from the combined gifts from area residents. We really hope that everyone pitches in to support this wonderful resource in our community.”

Over the past 40 years, The Montclair Foundation has awarded grants of more than $2.5 million to over 85 organizations in the areas of education, the arts and social concerns. The foundation is seeking support from all residents with gift amounts at every level.

To learn more about the foundation, and to make a gift online, visit or you can send in your contribution to The Montclair Foundation, 21 Van Vleck Street, Montclair, 07042.

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