Dr. Renee Baskerville Reiterates Comments By Harris Were ‘Anti-Semitic’

Dr. Renee Baskerville sent a condensed statement to Baristanet Wednesday morning to reiterate her stance regarding comments made by James Harris at her December 30th community meeting:

“I reiterate that the anti-Semitic, bigoted, and hateful comments of a speaker at “My Brothers- Sisters CalmUnity Engagement” were his alone. I feel badly about hurt feelings. I also reiterate the purpose of the meeting was to build bridges between communities and climb higher together. I am abundantly clear, as are the preeminent global leaders on best practices in building and sustaining the Beloved Community, that the way to do this is not to publicly excoriate and eliminate the ill-informed, but rather, to educate, to liberate, and move to higher ground. I want to make abundantly clear: hate has NO home in Montclair. We must be vigilant identifying and responding to acts of bigotry. I will continue my life’s work bringing people together and working toward a just world and increased opportunities for ALL people.”

— Honorable Renee E. Baskerville, M.D.,
Montclair Town Counselor & Montclair Rising Movement

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