Montclair NAACP Appoints Interim Educational Committee Chair

The Montclair Chapter of the NAACP is pleased to announce that Diane Anglin has been appointed the interim Chairperson of the Montclair NAACP Educational Committee. She was appointed by President Albert Pelham to replace James Harris and her position is effective immediately.

President Pelham stated, “Ms. Anglin has been a dedicated member of the Educational Committee and as the current Chair of the NACCP Youth Council she is well positioned to lead the committee. We look forward to her representing the NAACP to the Board of Education and other Montclair organizations to ensure that Education is considered an important Civil Right”.

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  1. On a directly related note, I read the following in Montclair Local today:

    ”People are concerned about historical preservation while people don’t have a supermarket. – Albert Pelham, president of the Montclair NAACP

    I take umbrage at Mr Pelham’s remark. I think remarks like this do a disservice to advancing the public discourse on inclusiveness and diversity. The pursuit of the stated public good and needs is not a zero-sum proposition. As the President of this organization, he disparaged one set of our community’s cultural beliefs (w/ incorrect attribution) to advance his agenda, as worthy as it is.

    He seems to have forgotten it was leaders of the African-American community that pushed for an out-of-this-world 65,000 sf supermarket for Lackawanna Plaza. Ordinary citizens knew that demanding such a supermarket behemoth was wrong conceptually, guaranteed to fail, and contributed to the unconscionable delay all wanted to avoid. As 20/20 hindsight has shown, both local historic preservation and a neighborhood supermarket were always compatible goals.

    He should also understand the Council’s politically motivated, major missteps did the real harm to the Lackawanna project. Their actions are the biggest reasons for the what has happened. Lackawanna was supposed to be their legacy project. Remember, 2012? When it started going South, they replaced it with the Seymour Street Arts District. SSAD started after Lackawanna and will be completed well before anything is built at Lackawanna.

    The good news is that the conversation will be ongoing and hopefully, with more diversity.

    Congratulations Ms Anglin on your appointment. I wish you every success.

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