Plofker and Patel Open New Montclair Physical Therapy Clinic

Montclair, NJ – Adapt Physical Therapy, co-owned by longtime Montclair resident Cody Plofker and girlfriend and physical therapist Dr. Payal Patel, is celebrating a “Grand Re-Opening” in Montclair.

After working and living in Montclair for several years, Plofker and Patel set out to open their own company, and partnered with a sports complex where they worked with high level youth and professional athletes on a daily basis.

Yet, after several years of thriving business growth, Plofker and Patel realized something was missing. They were living their dreams working with high level athletes, yet every weekend they would come home and be asked by friends, family, and former clients “When are you moving back to Montclair? We need you here.”

They realize their real passion was in helping active adults improve their health so they can remain active and healthy. Plofker, son of real estate developer Steven Plofker and cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown has strong local roots, and Patel built up quite a loyal following during her few years working and living in Montclair.

How is Adapt Physical Therapy is different?

“Our entire goal is to help people live with confidence, knowing they are in control of their health and physical bodies so they can do whatever it is they love doing,” says Plofker. “We only get one body, and when most physical therapy places provide generic treatments that don’t always help, people have no choice but to go back to the doctor, where they are usually are recommended injections, surgery, or medications. We help you stay active without needing to do anything unnatural.”

Dr. Patel adds “Another thing is, we know going to any medical appointment is not always fun. We aim to actually have our clients love going to physical therapy. We do this by providing a world class experience, similar to staying in a world class hotel with hot beverages, free organic snacks, and more!”

Adapt Physical Therapy is hosting its Grand Opening Party January 16th, at 8 Lackawanna Plaza, Suite A, Montclair from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, with food, drinks, entertainment, and more. The event will be open to the public. Registration is not required, but is preferred. If you would like to register or find out more information, please call (973) 319 – 4015 or click here

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