Montclair Women Speak at 2020 NYC Women’s March

Jessica Henry and Karen Cahn, both from Montclair, were among the speakers at the 2020 NYC Women’s March on Saturday January 18, 2020.

Henry spoke about criminal justice reform and felony disenfranchisement.

Jessica Henry, speaking at 2020 NYC Women’s March

Cahn is the CEO and founder of ifundwomen, an organization that provides capital to women-run businesses through crowd-funding and grants and supports women entrepreneurs. Ifundwomen was a sponsor of the March.

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  1. Hearing Karen Cahn talk truth to power in our country’s economic power seat inspired me. Kellia Sweat talked truth to power this week at our Board of Education meeting. As a country and a town we still need to do the deep dive into the roots of racism and gender inequality. Martin Luther King Day should be everyday.

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