Return of Montclair’s Pinegrove Profiled in The New Yorker

They played NPR’s Tiny Desk, the SXSW Music Festival in Austin and Newport Folk Festival.

Their band’s breakthrough album Cardinal was recorded mostly in a Montclair bedroom.

“Having the sounds of my house and neighborhood makes it sound lived-in and of a place,” said Pinegrove singer-songwriter Evan Stephens Hall back in 2016. “So it’s important that we recorded it in Montclair and live in Montclair, because those sounds are in the recording and lend a presence.”

But in 2017, Montclair’s own indie rock band cancelled its upcoming tour, following news that Pinegrove frontman Hall has been accused of sexual coercion.

In “Pinegrove Stages a Complicated Comeback,” Kelefa Sanneh of The New Yorker writes about the band’s yearlong hiatus, new album “Marigold” and signing to a new label, Rough Trade. Sanneh also interviews Hall’s accuser, who remains anonymous but is identified as a member of the band’s crew.

Sanneh says of the band’s new music:

The new Pinegrove sounds darker and more subdued, and the joyful camaraderie of early Pinegrove concerts has been replaced by a warier kind of intimacy.

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