Bloomfield Purchases New Rescue Pumper Engine, Donates Old Engine to a City in the Dominican Republic

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Fire Department has received a new rescue pumper engine for use in Bloomfield emergencies, and in aiding neighboring municipalities. The department will be donating one of its older trucks to La Vega, a 20 square mile municipality in the Dominican Republic with 250,000 residents and over 77,000 buildings.

“The Bloomfield Fire Department has consistently demonstrated its ability to handle all types of emergency situations,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “The purchase of this 2019 E-One Typhoon E-Max Rescue Pumper Will bolster the response capabilities of this department.”

“Chief Venezia has consistently prioritized upgrading the fire department’s apparatus, tools and equipment,” said Director of Public Safety Samuel DeMaio. “I would also like to thank Mayor Michael Venezia, for recognizing the needs of the Police, Fire, and EMS personnel to have state-of-the-art equipment and training that saves lives. This truck is an investment in public safety, and I would like to commend him on always seeing the value in these types of investments.”

Upon learning of the Township’s purchase of the rescue pumper engine, Kelvin Cruz, the Mayor of La Vega, Dominican Republic, personally reached out to Fire Chief Louis Venezia, requesting he consider donating an older vehicle.

“We are very excited to add this new rescue pumper to our fleet. It’s a great addition to our department. Having reliable equipment is very important so we can provide a high level of service to the residents and businesses of Bloomfield. We are proud to donate our old fire engine to a department in the Dominican Republic. We are glad to help them provide fire protection to their community,” said Fire Chief Louis Venezia.

The Bloomfield Fire Department has arranged to send a 2002 American LaFrance engine, to La Vega. It is planned to be shipped in the next few weeks.

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