Dr. Renee Baskerville Announces She Will Run For Mayor of Montclair

Montclair’s 4th Ward Councilor, Dr. Renee Baskerville, has announced her plans to run for Mayor of Montclair in the May 2020 municipal elections. Baskerville writes:

As the Township of Montclair, the State of New Jersey, and Americans across the Nation celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing black men the right to vote, the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, giving women the right to vote, and the 55th anniversary of passage of the Voting Rights Act, prohibiting discrimination in voter participation, three seminal actions reflecting the power and the promise of “We the People;” reflecting our slow and ebbing progress toward Democracy, I present myself to my fellow residents as a candidate for Mayor of Montclair, my hometown, that of my father and my grandfather. I come urging all Montclairites who believe in “We the People,” the power and potency of Democracy, the Beloved Community of humankind, and the possibility of one Montclair Rising together, to join me in moving Montclair to its next level of greatness and in making history in the process by electing Montclair’s first female mayor of color. I write respectfully requesting the vote of all Montclair eligible voters for Renee E. Baskerville, M.D. for Mayor and the #MontclairRising slate.

Our community has a rich history and a bright future. Believing, as I do, in the power of faith combined with affirmative actions; and the potency of ordinary people coming together across racial, ethnic religious, geographic, economic, wealth, political, and other lines that divide, working collaboratively, and fighting, for our shared ideals to make change happen, I thoughtfully, humbly and resolutely seek to become Mayor of Montclair.

Building on the rich tradition of service of my grandparents and parents in the Township of Montclair, I have been serving in my hometown all of my adult life, providing potent voice for residents in every Ward, bringing people together within and across Wards, building bridges and moving Montclair forward as One Township, indivisible. After serving for three years on the School Board, I was privileged to be elected to the Town Council while I continued providing medical and wellbeing services to children and families in Essex County. As Montclair’s Fourth Ward Town Councilor I focused with myopic precision and determination on the issues identified by my constituents as their priorities, in our monthly ComeUnity meetings, and the impact of those priorities on every Montclairite and visitor to our Township. I served and actively engaged as a member of every committee and commission, garnering affirmative results. As Mayor of Montclair, I will continue my life’s work of bringing people together and working toward a thriving, sustainable, resilient, and just Township, with protected, secure, green environments, a thriving local economy, and world class services.

As a lifelong, active and involved resident, I have a deep love for our Montclair. This a community that I have helped to prosper, and want to lead in prospering even more and for every resident, in every Ward, in both zip codes. I want to offer you, my neighbors and friends, new hopes, new possibilities, and better results. I want to build on the strides Mayor Jackson has led us in achieving in fiscal responsibility, and in a number of initiatives that have made us a more vibrant Montclair.

As your Mayor, I will continue to build bridges between neighborhoods and ensure that we all climb higher together. I will lead and together we will make Montclair a more prosperous, inclusive, just, equitable, safe and secure thriving community for all. We will become #Montclair Rising.

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  1. Mr. Astor, did you see that? Why I almost spilled my coffee there blew such a storm through my kitchen this morning. Who ever said that lady could own a weapon? There ought to be a law against her having a pen. Ain’t nobody in Montclair going to be safe if Ms. Renee is mayor.

    Thank goodness Henry was here with us this morning. I looked up and he was still buttering his toast. He never talks much in the morning, not like us. And this morning was no different. So I guess everything is still ok.

    Did Ms. Renee say she was running for mayor? Or she said President? I had to go back and look. More than one time. She laid that “We the People” down hard and then left us rising up. Where did she learn to write things like that? She is supposed to be a doctor.

    Ms. Renee got me worrying. I don’t like being worrying. She makes me think of you. You know, seeming hard on the outside and all cottony on the inside. I already got a lot of worrying about you. And only so much time for praying at night.

    So I decided. I am not giving my one vote to Ms. Renee. I might be the only good soul in Montclair that does not. But I won’t be blaming me for all the hard things that will be coming her way.

    Now if Ms. Renee might do like you might do and have that change of heart. If she decides she will be President, even with all those if’s, unlike you she will get my mark.

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