Montclair 2020 Election: Bill Hurlock Will Run For First Ward Council Seat

Montclair First Ward Councilor Bill Hurlock announced Wednesday his plans to run for a seat on the town council.

“As many of you know, I have been considering whether to run for office in 2020. I have been very fortunate to have the support of so many. After careful consideration and deliberation I have decided to run for the First Ward Council seat on the Montclair Town Council,” Hurlock said.

Hurlock, who has served as councilor of the First Ward since 2012, held his First Ward Community meeting earlier this month.

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  1. Bill, if successful this will be your third term serving on the Town Council. I think those of us here on the other side of town have seen little of you, not just in person, but also as engaged in the issues that concern us.

    Will you be offering us more of the same? Do you have any criticisms of this past administration? Do you see anything that needs to change? Will you be addressing those of us outside the 1st Ward?

  2. Maintaining a level playing field for all, I can’t recall seeing the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Ward Councilors in the 1st Ward. I’m trying to recall when the 1st Ward had a visit from the Mayor.

    As to Councilor Hurlock’s engagement, he has a different style than some other Councilors. He tends to pick and choose his issues. He is a little annoying with his needs to have his ducks in a row before sharing a POV, but he said he would be this way when he campaigned back in 2012. I think, more than anything, he lets his voting record tell his story.

    The best window into each Council members engagement are the Council meetings. On this measure, I do not find him disengaged. Yes, I would agree he is publicly overly circumspect, but that doesn’t mean he is not less concerned with township-wide issues.

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