Montclair Family and Friends Create Scholarship In Memory of Kaija Jung Andersen

Kaija’s favorite climbing tree at St. Luke’s Church, where her friends created a memorial, filled with flowers, photos, art work, handcrafted notes and sparking decorations.

It has been almost six months since Montclair lost Kaija Jung Andersen, rising second grader at Nishuane Elementary School.

Now, family and friends have created the Kaija Jung Andersen Memorial Scholarship, established through Montclair Scholarship Fund (MSF), to honor Kaija.

Kaija is remembered for her confidence, empathy, humor, tenacity, her enthusiasm for life and learning, and for sharing expressions of love for all types of people and living things.

Scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors who demonstrate the potential for success in bringing people together and creating joy and comfort in their lives –one who best exemplifies Kaija’s spirit through their acts of compassion, creativity, curiosity, courage, and contributing to community/inclusion.

Information about the scholarship and the MSF can be found here as well as link to donate online.

Donors who want to contribute should select the Kaija Jung Andersen Memorial Scholarship from the drop-down menu under gift designation. If you prefer to donate by check, make checks payable to the Montclair Scholarship Fund (indicate in the memo that donation is for the Kaija Jung Andersen Scholarship) and mail to Montclair Scholarship Fund, 100 Chestnut Street, Montclair, NJ 07042. Documentation for tax purposes will be provided.

Susan and Jason Andersen, Kaija’s parents, hope to award scholarships for as many years as possible to keep Kaija’s legacy alive.

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