Montclair Mayor Jackson NOT Running For Mayor Again

Montclair, NJ — Back in October, Mayor Robert Jackson told Baristanet: “I’m definitely running again unless I decide not to.”

Now it seems Jackson has decided not to — at least for now.

When asked this morning about rumors that he would not be running for Montclair mayor again, and forgoing what could be a third consecutive term, Jackson said “I cannot refute those rumors.”

A number of Montclair Council incumbents said they would run here, but this news could affect who wants to run for mayor.

Will we see Dr. Renee Baskerville, Sean Spiller or Bill Hurlock make a move out of their wards to seek the mayor position? And what about a new group of candidates, possibly running on a platform of putting education and Montclair Schools first, picking up packets? Stay tuned.

Municipal elections are held the second Tuesday in May, which is May 12, 2020. Packets have been available for pick up since January, but signed petitions must be submitted by the March 9 deadline to get on the ballot.

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  1. Thank you to Mayor Jackson for standing up for what he believed in and supporting all interests. We need a Mayor who will not be agenda driven on behalf of special interest groups! No one person, rich, poor, black or white, Muslim, Catholic or Jew, deserves anymore or any less then anyone else if we are really taking about equality and social justice. We want inclusion not exclusion or separatism! Get families involved and achievement gap will close…throw money at it and it will continue to go backwards. Parents and caregivers need to be involved, attend school events, attend teacher conferences and back to school nights. They also need to make sure kids do homework and get to bed instead of playing video games all night. But it is so obvious when you attend any of the above mentioned event opportunities, that this is not the case and it so obvious who is not there…Achievement Gap Parents, the very same people who want teachers to be parents and want more of everything, as long as they don’t have to take responsibility or show up! They don’t show up unless it is some adhoc personnel interest group with their hidden agendas disguised as social justice! That is not really what they want is it? When a person or a group points the finger in blame…three more come right back at them. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY NOW! It all starts at home folks!

    I had a sign on my front yard lawn years for Robert Jackson and Sean Spiller. I believe they stand for what is right and work to correct what is wrong. I’ll put Spillers sign on my front lawn again if he chooses to run!

    And this town should beg Ann Mernin to reconsider her resignation from the BOE and denounce this radical group of haters who went after her and the superintendent! They are what is wrong with this town! They support no one outside there narrow agenda . What is good for one is good for all!

  2. Great! The Mayor is now considering not running. Of course, he didn’t announce it. No, he was just giving a cutsey answer to a journalist’s inquiry. As far as we know, he won’t say definitively until the March deadline. Even better, he can skip the whole deadline thing and just ask his supports to write him in. How great would that be!

    Then, the rest of the Council can do the same thing. Skip the filing deadline and have yer few interested voters (your supporter anyway) to just write you in! We don’t waste time on planks, position statements, debates, conversations, new coverage. It’s the perfect election…and good for all.

  3. Mr. Mark, you have me thinking Mr. Astor is soft as a freshly combed ball of cotton.

    You fitted so many colors and labels into one sentence I could hardly remember the ones you left out. If you are telling that we all bleed red blood, you should not be thinking we are all Republicans or filing into a bus to Wildwood so to listen to an angry man pointing a small finger at us and saying we should all be hating too. Some of us are getting tired of being bused. And even more tired of being told in what direction all buses must ride.

    I do not know whose fingers you were pointing your finger at. It might be ok you do not say to whose hand your pointing finger belongs. You should say correctly who you accuse.

    I told what I think about the hard things Mr. Harris and Mr. Parker said. You know I will not agree with everything people are saying about those men at meetings around town. But those saying their thoughts cannot be silenced. We will not accept a finger staring us in the face, calling us “haters,” saying how we are to raise our children, saying our voices cannot be counted unless . . . .

    I do not have signs planted in my front yard. I like Mr. Jackson and Mr. Spiller. But I have to be fair: Mr. Spiller did some things before he should not have done. He got called to accounting and there was a settling. That too is finished for me.

    In my Church when you are called to serve, folks say it is an honor. We do not ask others to serve us. We ask to serve others. You are praised when you serve the others, blamed when caught serving only yourself. You do not take for yourself what is not on offer to the others. “What is good for one is good for all!” If you do not pay your annual membership fee, you do not assume to serve. You do not a right to call it your church.

    I think there is a reckoning asking for answers. Mr. Jackson and Ms. Mernin should consider their answers. One about facts. Not about epistles.

    This month is remembers Our Journey. A journey to freedom. Also a journey from freedom: from the forgotten freedom left behind on the shores of that Dark Continent, from the freedom lost at birth. We sailed rough seas and walked rocky roads. We are still on that Long Walk.

    We know other peoples have made similar journeys. Like in India. But this is Our Journey.

    Along the way we found our voice. We grew our voice. It is Our Voice. We recognize the angry fingers telling us how to behave, how to think. Telling us to be silent. We will not be silenced.

  4. If this is indeed the end of Robert Jackson’s tenure as Mayor, let us please take time to step back and appreciate his leadership over the past eight years. You do not have to agree with all of his decisions in order to acknowledge three indisputable facts about his tenure:

    1) Montclair is in substantially better fiscal shape than it was eight years ago. This is a whole-Council accomplishment, and I think Bill Hurlock’s role in getting us here should get more attention, but Mayor Jackson set the tone and kept the promises he made during his 2012 campaign. Our taxes are still too high, but that’s much more the fault of Essex County’s decades of profligacy and a terrible school funding formula at the state level that shorts communities like Montclair. The 20% of our tax levy that’s under Council control has been tightly run under Mayor Jackson’s leadership.

    2) Our government is “working” in a way it certainly was not in the past. Blow-ups on the Council have been few and muted. On those couple of occasions when the Council has been split on tough issues, they voted and moved quickly past the dissension. We have an all-business Township Manager and solid leadership in our municipal departments. There can always be less crime, but our Police Department is community-oriented and headed, it seems, in the right direction. I recognize there are serious issues with our schools, but I don’t think it’s fair to put the bulk of those issues at the feet of Mayor Jackson’s appointments to the Board of Education.

    3) In a time of great disunity nationally, Mayor Jackson has mostly kept Montclair out of divisive political disputes. He has spoken out when those issues have touched Montclair, and his voice has brought calm, rationality, and Montclair’s shared values when the community needed it. We are at some risk, without his leadership, of seeing divisive issues explode into our 2020 municipal election. I’m hoping for the best on that front, not least because the progress Mayor Jackson has spearheaded on this and other fronts can be quickly undone.

    I was a candidate for Town Council in 2012 on a competing slate. When Mayor Jackson prevailed, I said at the time that the best candidate won. Mayor Jackson has proved that to be true every day of his tenure.

    Thank you, Mayor Jackson, for your dedicated service to our community.

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