MFEE Hosts America to Me Real Talk Initiative this Sunday

Montclair, NJ -The Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence (MFEE), in collaboration with other stakeholders including the Township and the Civil Rights Commission, will launch the community-wide phase of the America to Me Real Talk Montclair initiative on Sunday March 1st from 2pm – 5pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. All members of the community interested in examining their own racial literacy are invited to come and learn more about what this three-month process will provide. From MFEE:

MFEE believes strongly that words matter. The way we talk about race and racism impacts people and informs our actions. In view of several recent events in Montclair, including the remarks on racism in our schools attributed to the superintendent, we believe that this work is more critical now than ever.

Our children – ALL of our children – are our common interest. Dismantling racism in our schools and in our community is fundamental to their development. And we all have a stake in – and responsibility for – this work.

It is time to examine how our thoughts, interactions and words have been shaped by the presence of racism. Without deep internal self-reflection on racial justice, we all have the potential to inflict harm. We all have room to grow, and the America to Me Real Talk Montclair initiative is just one more step in the difficult journey towards racial equity on which Montclair has long embarked.

That journey has been painful and challenging; it requires constant, consistent effort, and we still have a long way to go toward making sustainable change. MFEE believes that our best shot is by admitting that we have work to do, acknowledging when we have caused harm, and authentically committing to doing this together.

For more information about the America to Me Real Talk Montclair initiative, please visit To register for the free opening meeting on Sunday March 1st from 2 – 5pm by clicking here.

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