Baristanet Profile: Sarah Elizabeth

NameSarah Elizabeth 

Where do you live? We live in Bloomfield and my office is in downtown Montclair. 

When did you move there? 4 years ago, 1 day before my little guy was born! Moved from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in a tiny town in northern California, on the coast in the redwood forest.

How do you make a living? OR What is your everyday passion?

I am an interior designer specializing in high-end residential design through my company Sarah Elizabeth Design. We help our clients with all aspects of design including floor plans and mood boards, furniture and fabric selections, custom furniture design and window treatments, and art and accessories choices, working on a project from start to finish (install). We love our clients and we are thrilled they found and chose us to help design their home(s). We have a great group of vendors, architects and contractors we work closely with. We have fun during meetings and keep things light, which I think is important.

Coffee, tea or … ? One cup of coffee then half of the 2nd cup of coffee I make around noon, sigh…

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend day? 

After getting a great night’s sleep (!!) having a yummy breakfast at home before taking a jog at a quiet track near us. Then taking my kid to a museum in the city where we meet our good friends with kids. Then coming home exhausted and happy from our day out and having a quiet evening where we eat left-overs so no one has to cook…

What’s your favorite local restaurant? 

SO many! We just discovered Boonsong Thai in Bloomfield after driving past it for years! We take friends from out-of-town to Red Eye or Mish Mish, or for a healthy lunch on-the-go, Joyist in Upper Montclair ❤! 

What’s on your nightstand? A pretty lamp, a heart-shaped stone, essential oils, so many books and journals, including Essentialism which I’m loving right now.

What are you listening to? SIA – she is just my absolute fave!! Also love The Killers to keep me motivated during the week, and classic jazz on the weekends.

What are your current indulgences? Extra dark chocolate, 80% or more! 

What talent you would most like to have? Singing really amazingly well!

What’s the worst-kept (or best-kept!) secret about Montclair? 

Qwell and Jane Do, both in downtown Montclair. Though both studios are starting to become more and more full so the secret is out… So inspired by both female-owned businesses, and the classes are phenomenal. The sound bath classes at Qwell are incredible, and Tramp Stamp at Jane Do where you are working out on a trampoline is so much fun.   

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? That she was kind and generous, a great mom and great friend. 


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