Comcast Technician Who Works in Bloomfield Tested Positive For COVID-19

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Health Department has been notified that a Comcast Technician who works in Bloomfield has tested positive for COVID-19/Coronavirus. The Health Department is working closely with Comcast to track and contact all Bloomfield customers that were serviced by the technician between March 3 and March 6. Any resident who came into contact with the technician will be informed about next steps, including potentially being tested themselves, beginning a self quarantine or other actions depending on each situation.

“I am urging residents to take the threat of this virus seriously and am asking that you remain in your homes with the exception of essential travel,” said Mayor Michael Venezia. “Any residents who were serviced by this technician will be contacted by our Health Department if they have not been already, and we will walk residents through the next steps depending on the circumstances of each interaction.”

“Our department is working diligently to track any interactions the individual who tested positive had with residents and we will ensure that anyone at risk of exposure is provided with all of the information necessary, including being tested themselves if appropriate,” said Health Director Karen Lore.

The Bloomfield Health Department will continue to monitor residents that were serviced by this Technician for the next 14 days. The Technician is currently quarantined in a local hospital. No other information will be released about the patient due to medical privacy laws.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bloomfield Health Department at 973-680-4024.

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