Keeping Kids Busy Week Two: Backyard Mini Golf , Balloon Tennis, Geodes and Bubble Foam

It’s Week Two of social distancing with young kids, so if you’ve run out of tricks to keep kids busy and happy, here are some new ones!

Woodland Indoor Playground shared this activity on their Instagram page: Bubble Foam! Mix 2 parts water to 1 part bubble bath, then whip it with a hand mixer on medium-high for one minute. This will give you all foam and no water. Try adding in some food coloring before mixing to liven things up! Kids will have a blast dunking their cars for a car wash, letting their plastic animals traipse through, or just using their imaginations!

Some painters tape, colored paper, and bean bags is all you need to create a variety of fun games that kids of any age can play. Tape the papers to the floor and toss the bean bags onto them. If your bean bags and your paper have the same colors, make it a matching game. Or assign each paper a number and see who can score the most points in 10 throws. You could also number the papers and each player can try to toss their bean bag onto #1 first, then #2, and so on. No colored paper? Use crayons on plain paper! No bean bags? How about balled up socks? Let the kids get creative and make up their own games, too! You can find the inspiration for this and many other activities on What Moms Love.

Kids who love science will enjoy this fun experiment and it’ll give you something to do with your old eggshells! Using salt, water and, of course, eggshells, your child can make colorful eggshell geodes. It takes a few days for the crystals to form, so kids can look forward to checking the progress each morning. They can also take daily pictures and write about the process as they watch it unfold. Learn all about it here.

For some indoor or outdoor fun, build your own mini golf course! All sorts of household items can be used to create obstacles, ramps, tunnels, and more. Paper cups, books, aluminum pans, paper towel rolls, and cardboard boxes can all be transformed. Set them up across the yard or throughout the house to spread out the fun. If you don’t have golf balls (or you don’t want them flying around the living room), any small ball will do. Try out different items for clubs such as a ruler or a broom. Or simply roll the ball through each “hole.” You can get some ideas in this article.

If you have a balloon, some paper plates and wooden spoons, you’ve got the makings for a game of tennis! Simply tape a spoon to the back of a paper plate to create a racket. Use that to bat the balloon back and forth between players. A solo option could be to challenge your child to see how long they can keep the balloon in the air. Kids can make up other games such as “racing” across a room without losing their balloon or passing it to each other without dropping it.

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