Local Groups Offer Cooking Inspiration, Crowdsourced Grocery Shopping Intel During Pandemic

MONTCLAIR, NJ — One of the things you can still do while social distancing is eat.

And while we know lots of readers are supporting local restaurants with takeout and delivery, you still have to cook and shop for groceries.

Pandemic Pantry

Pandemic Pantry, a Facebook group started by Bernadette Baum (many Baristanet readers have enjoyed her recipes over the years) offers inspiration for when you are staring at your pantry and drawing a blank.

Baum writes…”If you need meal or snack ideas while gazing at the cornucopia of cans in your cupboard, or have a hodge-podge array of items in your fridge, I’m your woman! I apparently have a knack for making meals out of ‘nothing in the house,’ and am happy to share the workings of my food-centric brain! Just send me a pic and I’ll cobble together some ideas for you.”

Baum encourages the group’s over 200 members to share photos of their own creations, recipes they are making and other tasty ideas.

Two other local efforts that can help offer cooking inspiration are Alma Schneider’s Take Back the Kitchen and Nancy Stone’s Aisle 3. Check out Stone’s Instagram and Aisle 3 website
for thrifty, kid-friendly meal ideas.

West Essex Store Updates/COVID-19

West Essex Store Updates / COVID-19, a Facebook group founded by Rennie Ackerman, offers crowdsourced reports from supermarkets and grocery stores. Wondering which stores have toilet paper? Where you can buy chicken or meat? When is the best time to shop (least crowds, shelves restocked)? Get answers and leave your own intel on how to shop smarter and safer locally in the time of COVID-19.

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