Look For the Helpers: Abraham Dickerson of Montclair

Mister Rogers once said that when there was some kind of catastrophe, that his mother would tell him to “look for the helpers.”

We found a helper in Montclair. Abraham Dickerson, founder and chef at Abe Foods, has been helping his fellow residents by shopping and delivering food to their homes. Dickerson is making sure our older neighbors, those most vulnerable to the virus, stay home and get the help they need.

Watch the Eyewitness News ABC7 video and see the good work Dickerson is doing. Know of other local helpers doing good work? Please share in comments.

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  1. We heard about Mr Dickerson doing good a few years ago, and this is clearly who he is everyday…

    And could this be any more perfect?…
    First job: My first job, 11 years old, I was a neighborhood grocery person for seniors.

    Thank you Mr Dickerson, and thank you to everyone going above and beyond for their fellow humans. I’m generally one of those people who believe people are good at heart, but I’ve been truly blown away in the most wonderful way at the generosity and kindness people are showing right now.

  2. Job fairy wish: “No more processed foods. Just whole foods. I want to be that person who distributes them. The fresh food empire.”

    If I weren’t me: “I’d love to be an African king. Or a heart surgeon. Someone who gave people a second life.”

    Love this man.

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