Montclair Schools Announces Plan To Close on March 13 To Prepare Staff For Virtual Learning

Montclair Schools provided families with some more detail regarding a staffer in self quarantine and announced plans to close on Friday, March 13 ro prepare for virtual learning if schools end up closing due to COVID-19.

The message reads:

FRIDAY, March 13 – Staff Professional Development Day
Schools will be closed for students on Friday, March 13, in order for staff to attend professional development on virtual learning should it become necessary to close schools. We want to standardize our procedures so that we can offer this service in a smooth, consistent manner.

Clarification on COVID-19 Notification No. 3 (3.9.20)
Please note the following:

The staff member in yesterday’s email shares time between Hillside and Glenfield.
The staff member’s test results for COVID-19 are not available yet. (The staff member has not tested positive or negative.)
When the test results are known, we will communicate that and take next, appropriate measures as necessary.
Cleaning which took place on Thursday evening and into the weekend consisted of disinfecting all touch points, desk tops and any and all surfaces that are touched by hands (lockers, railings, grab bars, tiled wall surfaces, door knobs, etc.).

Absences by family choice
If your children are sick, we want you to keep them home from school; however, if you choose to keep your asymptomatic (without showing signs of illness) children home, they will be marked absent. Students will have the opportunity to make up work; however, teachers will not be gathering that work for children who you keep home by choice. Please know that we are awaiting guidance from the state regarding extended absences due to illness and in particular COVID-19.

Mental and Emotional Health/Stigma
As the COVID-19 risk unfolds, several concerns have been raised regarding the social and emotional implications of this disease. Staff are aware that students may exhibit signs of emotional stress. The CDC has compiled information and resources for coping during this health emergency. Our counselors also stand ready to assist if students are experiencing anxiety or other emotional symptoms.

Fear and anxiety about this disease may lead to social stigma and discrimination. This is never acceptable and is very hurtful. Here is a resource to help explain stigma to your children.

As this situation is very fluid and complex, we will update you as often as necessary and as quickly as possible.

The health and safety of our students, families and staff members are of utmost importance to us.


Dr. Nathan N. Parker

Interim Superintendent


Ms. Betty Strauss

District Nursing Supervisor

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