More Social Than Distant At Country Club

Area parks may be closed but a reader sent us this photo of the Upper Montclair Country Club.

We called the club to ask if they were changing their policies due to COVID-19. The receptionist said they were open but only serving takeout. When we asked about groups golfing together and social distancing, we were transferred to the general manager. When we asked the same question, the GM thanked us for our call and hung up.

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  1. The park near my house seemed busy yesterday afternoon. People walked around in small groups. There were about a dozen people standing on the green at a 15′ distance tossing a frisbee from person to person. It all seemed that they got the memo about social distancing and wanted to be out in the park on the beautiful day.

  2. Frank – the virus lives on hard surfaces and things you touch. If they don’t live in the same house and they are all touching and sharing a frisbee then they haven’t gotten the memo.

  3. Let’s not forget that fresh air and sunshine boosts the immune system. Staying inside and stressing has the opposite effect.

  4. I am all for social distancing, but I live near Anderson park, and the closure is crazy. Many of us walk across the park to get to the bank, food stores, pubic transit (for those still commuting) etc., as well as for exercise. Today, there were lots of people walking, jogging, or biking on North Mountain Ave, because they are not supposed to be in the park. Closing the park is just exposing people to cars — or to each other a everyone has to pass each other on a narrow sidewalk across the street. Ban gatherings — yes — but walking or jogging in the park should be just fine!

  5. No, it is not fine. No difference between folks walking in a park and walking on a beach, as both environments are confined and finite If one wants to exercise or relieve stress, walk the streets; the more isolated, the better. Be careful of the cars.

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