Police Tape, COVID-19 Signs At Montclair Parks #Social Distancing

MONTCLAIR, NJ – Essex County and Montclair Police took further steps to close off Montclair township and county parks late Friday. Glenfield Park displays numerous signs from Essex County announcing the park is closed due to COVID-19.

One of several signs at Glenfield Park in Montclair.

Yellow police tape was placed across entrances to Edgemont and Anderson Park Friday evening and police were heard asking people to leave the park.

Anderson Park’s walking paths are closed.

Gov. Phil Murphy also announced Friday that New Jersey would “further tighten the screws” on social distancing; he is expected to make an announcement with more details at noon Saturday.

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  1. For people who live in apartment buildings, and don’t have outdoor spaces, where are they supposed to go for outdoor exercise or stress relief. Do the parks and walking tracks actually have to be closed? Is that part of the law?

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