POLL: Do You Want To Hear More From Montclair’s Leaders During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Montclair held a virtual Town Council meeting on Tuesday. The Township Council handled business matters and Montclair town manager Timothy Stafford gave a report on how the Township is handling issues related to COVID-19 (if you watch the video below, Stafford starts speaking around the 50:33 mark). Following Stafford’s remarks (where he thanked Township employees and Toni’s Kitchen for all they are doing to keep the town running), town council members also spoke, sharing their thoughts and actions during the pandemic and echoing Stafford’s appreciation for township employees.

For many Montclair residents, this was the first time they are hearing directly from the town leaders, being able to hear their voices and sentiments during the crisis. Stafford encouraged viewers to sign up for the town’s Swift 911 alerts and newsletter; the Township also updates its website with COVID-19 information.

In neighboring Bloomfield, Mayor Michael Venezia has been very vocal in communicating with Bloomfield residents, taking to Facebook with regular updates, as well as well as public announcements.

We ask our readers — do you want more communication from Montclair leaders. Take our poll below and if you have specific ideas for how Montclair’s leaders might communicate better or what you would like to hear, leave those in comments:

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  1. Yes. Sometimes people need to hear *why* a policy was enacted to get on board with it. Closing the parks is a good example; there’s a lack of agreement on that issue and good points from both points of view.

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