Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Mo Willems, Paper Plate Projects, Scavenger Hunts and More

We are coming up on Week Three of social distancing with kids. Here are some fresh ideas to help keep everyone busy!

Do you have a Mo Willems fan in the house? Tune in to LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems every weekday at 1:00 PM. You can also view past episodes.

This Paper Plate Aquarium Porthole project is a fantastic way to let kids be creative. If you don’t have these specific supplies on hand, improvise! The idea is to build an underwater scene, but you can always create a silly version with things that don’t belong in the sea.

For those who don’t mind things flying around the living room, check out this tutorial to make a Marshmallow Launcher. All you need is a plastic cup, some tape, and a balloon to start sending marshmallows (or pompoms or any other small, soft object) into the air. Send the kids outside if it’s not windy and let them launch to their heart’s content! More than one kid? One launches, and another can try to catch the flying object in a plastic cup of their own!

Who doesn’t love a fort? Take your building skills to the next level with this detailed and step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to build a dome out of cardboard triangles. Let the kids decide how to decorate it inside and out. That should keep them (and you!) busy for a while!

Scavenger hunts are a great family activity. They can be tailored to the ages of the children, their interests, your location, and just about any other parameter you need to consider. Facebook user Emily Van Gundy Stockwell shared ideas for indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts for little ones as well one for teens. For the book lovers, check out her fiction scavenger hunt for middle and high school age kids. The possibilities are endless to create your own for your children or turn the tables and have your kids create one for you!

Here’s another fun paper plate craft – dinosaurs! Scary, happy or funny, kids can create a whole herd of prehistoric creatures. Once the dinos are done, encourage the kids to use their imaginations to build a land for the beasts to roam or just simply take them on adventures.

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