Whoopi Goldberg Comes To Montclair’s Lacordaire Academy, Speaks About Women Empowerment

Montclair, NJ – Whoopi Goldberg showed Montclair love again. The actor/comedian/TV personality, a regular at Montclair Diner, made a very special visit to the Lacordaire Academy this week. Students in grades 7-12 were able to hear from Whoopi about her experience and receive advice on how to be empowered women in today’s world.

Goldberg was a featured guest, participating in Lacordaire’s Upper School program, THE EMPOWER SERIES: Women Who Inspire.

Goldberg openly shared her own history and experiences and advised students how to not ”walk the path with your head down”, adding that “nothing happens in this world without women. We are peacemakers.”

Goldberg told the you women that in life they should “ask questions, and keep asking until they receive a satisfactory answer they can understand, adding “Don’t let them push you to the side.”

Both staff and students responded to Whoopi’s warmth, humor and honesty. She closed her talk saying, “Being a woman is hard, but it’s been harder. Think back to the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Now, anything you can imagine can be done.”

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