“AndrΓ  Tutto Bene” – Show Us Your Rainbows 🌈🌈🌈

We told you about the Lights on Myrtle. Here’s one of the signs popping up around Montclair, helping us feel more connected and hopeful during this time of social distancing.

Montclair parents Giustino Di Nardo Di Maio and Marisa Trubiano write:

To show solidarity with Italy, the world and now the entire USA as we distance physically but come together in other ways to weather this health crisis, Chiara Di Nardo Di Maio, age 10, and Carlo Di Nardo Di Maio, age 9, made and hung this banner.

Many have already seen similar images hanging from balconies in Italy. We have heard that other friends in Montclair and the local area are doing the same.

The children’s hope was to brighten everyone’s day and they quoted Bob Marley’s song and translated it with “AndrΓ  tutto bene” that is the slogan being used in Italy. Another more recent slogan has emerged “Ce la faremo” which means “We will get through this.”

What creative ways has your family come up with to stay upbeat, get through this difficult time and even become closer as a family? Tell us in comments or email to tips@baristanet.com to be featured.

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