Easter Fun at Home: Games, Egg Crafts and Yummy Treats!

This year, many families will be celebrating Easter in ways unlike any they’ve experienced before. If you’re looking for ways to make the holiday fun for the little ones while staying safe at leaving home, we’ve got you covered! Check out some of these clever Easter ideas everyone can enjoy.

Peep Science – What happens to the quintessential Easter candy when you leave it in various liquids for a few days? You’ve probably always just eaten your Peeps, but with this fun experiment, kids can predict what will happen and observe their findings!

Egg Rescue – Once you get done with the egg hunt, here’s an activity for little ones to get more fun out of those plastic eggs. Using items from around the house such as a small bin, painter’s tape, and serving spoons or ladles, kids can work on their fine motor skills while attempting to “rescue” the eggs from a tape web!

Eggs-ercises – Here’s a great way to help get the wiggles out! Write some exercises on strips of paper and put them inside your plastic eggs. Kids can take turns picking eggs and doing the exercise. This can easily be combined with an egg hunt or the egg rescue activity above!

Wobbly Easter Eggs – Fill plastic eggs with beads, beans, rocks or stones, then use a hot glue gun to seal them. You can then use the eggs for all sorts of fun activities, like spoon races and bowling. This link provides instructions and activity ideas.

With eggs in short supply this year, it may be hard to find some to dye. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative egg crafts to keep the kids busy.

Shaving Cream Eggs – Shaving cream and paint can create beautiful designs on paper eggs!

String Easter Eggs – Wrap embroidery floss soaked in glue and water around a balloon to create these amazing eggs.

Tin Foil Easter Eggs – This is a simple one that even the littlest kids can do. Drawing with Sharpies on foil makes for some very shiny eggs!

Dragon Eggs – While technically not Easter eggs, they are pretty, fun, and egg-shaped! Clay, foil, and a collection of beads, jewels, shells and other trinkets combine to make a very fancy egg craft!

Marble Eggs – Rolling a marble through paint to decorate a paper egg is about as fun as painting can get! If you don’t have a marble, any small ball will do. You’ll also need a shoebox or another container that won’t let a paint-covered marble escape. This is another one that’s perfect for kids of all ages.

What’s a holiday without food? Transform some everyday food items into something special for Easter with these super cute ideas.

Cinnamon Roll Bunnies – A can of cinnamon rolls is all you need to make these bunnies.

Bunny Eggs – It doesn’t get much cuter than these bacon and egg bunny faces.

Fruit Pizza Easter Egg – Here’s a fun way to add fresh fruit to your Easter dessert.

Easter Bunny Spinach Dip – Crescent roll dough makes the spinach dip extra fun.


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