Montclair Animal Shelter During Coronavirus: Continuing Animal Care with a Caring Community

“The community always steps up, and we are very grateful for the gracious support” says shelter director Liz Morgan.

Just before the lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus was announced for New Jersey, MTAS issued an appeal for fosters of its strays, abandoned, and surrendered pet population. Morgan says “it only took two weeks to place all of the available animals – that’s 25 dogs and 37 cats!”

Milkshake, a 3-year-old old female, is very loving and would do fine in a house with other cats and teens.

Now, a team of two shelter staff, rotating daily, continues care for the remaining 16 pets with special situations and conditions. The goal is to get them prepped for fostering in the next two weeks. There are six dogs and 10 cats — some can’t be with children, one is diabetic, some still need rabies shots.

“Rabies vaccinations are required by law to protect both humans and domestic pets from the fatal disease,” says Morgan. “Our shelter vet will be vaccinating our animals as soon as possible and we recommend that all residents keep their pets’ rabies vaccinations up-to-date as well. ”

Morgan says the two pets (pictured) are available now, and anticipates the remaining pets will be ready the following week.

Moose, a 2-year-old English Bulldog must be an only pet, no children. Previous bulldog experience encouraged.

The shelter also continues community outreach to pet owners in need.

“Animal Control services are available 24/7 for Montclair residents, and we continue to provide pet food free of charge to seniors who should shouldn’t go outside, or people low on money. Pet food is dropped at the door of about 15 residents every week,” Morgan reported.

And while pet food is “unconditionally free” donations are always welcome. What to donate? Friskies, Purina, and Morgan’s favorite, rotisserie chickens are all welcome. They are also getting a lot of requests for Timothy Hay and food pellets for hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits. Toys for enrichment, catnip, and Bene Bones for dogs (available on Amazon) are always appreciated – just leave at the shelter’s front door.

For fostering or more information please email

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