Montclair’s Colorful 🌈 🌈 🌈 Movement: Have You Seen #RainbowsforKaija

MONTCLAIR, NJ – If you’ve ever walked by the colorful climbing tree in memory of Montclair’s Kaija Andersen, you know the rising second grader loved things that shine and sparkle.

One of the rainbows Kaija Andersen loved to draw.

Kaija also loved drawing rainbows and writing notes to express encouragement, love and spread joy.

When Kaija’s mother, Susan Andersen, saw this article about children around the world connecting with each other during the coronavirus pandemic by creating colorful rainbows and putting them in their windows, Andersen shared the idea with Danielle Neff, hoping to bring the rainbow idea to Montclair.

Neff, the admin behind the Montclair Mommies and Daddies Facebook page, took the idea and started a movement, complete with a hashtag.

Neff announced to the group: “Kaija was a big fan of 🌈 and love and friendship. Let’s all make some Rainbows for Kaija and put them in our windows for little ones to search for and enjoy. Let’s spread a little joy for Kaija! Are you in? Share with #RainbowsforKaija”

Andersen shares these pictures of rainbows decorating sidewalks and windows as part of #RainbowsForKaija and says the rainbows are popping up around Montclair and other towns, even from friends in other states and countries.

Now, these rainbow sightings not only offer a moment of hope for the future, they remind us of Kaija’s joyfulness and exuberant spirit.

If you see a #RainbowsForKaija – share it on social media with the hashtag and tag or mention Baristanet on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — so we can share and help keep the joyful movement going.

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