New Jersey COVID-19 Update: Seeing Stability, But State Must Reach Benchmarks Before It Can Reopen

New Jersey is seeing slowing of the virus, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday.

“We have achieved relative stability. We’re now seeing those rates slow. The number of newly hospitalized patients are on a downward trend,” said Murphy, who added that the rates by which the numbers of new COVID-19 cases are doubling have significantly slowed.

“We are not claiming victory, but we are making progress,” Murphy said.

There were 3,528 new confirmed COVID-19 test results reported Monday, bringing the statewide total to 88,806. There were 177 additional deaths reported.

Just a few weeks ago, in some areas of the state cases were doubling in a matter of days, said Murphy. “Now we’re seeing those rates slow to where we can measure them in the numbers of weeks.”

The number of newly hospitalized patients is also moving on a downward trend.

“This is one of our most-important positive indicators. It means that our health care system is in a better position to get ahead and stay ahead. It means that our social distancing efforts are working,” Murphy added.

But Murphy stressed that residents had to continue to be smart, careful and maintains social distancing.

“Do not think for one minute that we’re going to be able to flip a switch and return to life as we knew it. We have to be in a completely different place in the next four to six weeks,” Murphy said, in regards to the benchmarks the state will need to see before it can reopen.

Murphy said he plans to announce what those benchmarks are in the coming weeks that would enable some loosening of the current lockdown.

“Personal health creates economic health. It can’t be the other way around,” Murphy said repeatedly.

Other key numbers released Monday:

•6,986 #COVID19 patients reported hospitalized
•2,018 individuals listed in critical or intensive care
•1,594 ventilators were in use
•74 patients are at one of our field medical stations
•583 New Jerseyans discharged

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