See Historic Bloomfield Anytime, Anywhere

In these times of self-isolation and quarantine, The Historical Society of Bloomfield (HSOB) is supporting the community by transporting you to a different time. The HSOB has updated its video archive featuring many of its presentations and programs. They’re available on demand at courtesy of WBMA-TV.

Tales from the HSOB Video Archive: American Mummies – The Industrial Birth of the Eternal Dead

Programs include the Theatre of Terror: Shooting Horror Films in Bloomfield; The History of Diners in Essex County; American Mummies: The Industrial Birth of the Eternal Dead; The Morris Canal in Bloomfield: A Virtual Tour from East to West; The International Arms & Fuze Company; The Administration of Mayor John Kinder: 1972–1987; Civil War Politics in New Jersey 1854–1865; To be a Bloomfield Mayor in the 1960s and more.

Local historian Dean Cole presents The International Arms & Fuze Company

Visit and click on Video Archive (left column) to watch on your computer, SmartPhone or cast to your SmartTV.

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