Sponsored – William Hurlock: Why I Am Running for Re-Election for Montclair First Ward Councilor

I am running for re-election to continue to serve the people of Montclair – specifically the First Ward residents, for whom I have had the privilege of representing the past eight years. I have lived in Montclair for 22 years and I am proud that my two children are graduates of the Montclair public school system.


  • Bellevue Library: I advocated to maintain the Bellevue Avenue Library when there was a movement to close it. I made sure we restored the ornate windows and infrastructure of that historic building.
  • Upper Montclair Train Station: I fought to preserve the historic designation of the Upper Montclair train station when New Jersey Transit and the State of New Jersey attempted to delist it.
  • Development: I re-drafted the Master Plan to prevent high density construction in the First Ward.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We lowered the debt from $223 million to $160 million in eight years. In doing so we attained a AAA bond rating – up from a AA-. This upgraded bond rating saves the town millions of dollars on our debt service. I will continue to address the debt, which impacts so many town issues. These monies can then be used to fund infrastructure projects.
  • First Ward Parks: Much work was done at the Mountainside Park tennis courts and baseball field, the Tuers Park basketball court, and the walking paths in Yantacaw Brook Park.
  • Roads: I ensured we paved and curbed approximately 90 percent of the roads in the First Ward.
  • Working Together: We held quarterly meetings, 31 in total, at the Bellevue Avenue Library where I worked closely with residents and community groups to engage in an active, but respectful discussion about important issues.
  • Taxes: We held the municipal tax rate steady – zero increases for two of the last three years. Most importantly, saving these monies lowers the tax burden for all residents – ensuring that Montclair is affordable for everyone, which helps to maintain the character and diversity of our great town.


Due to the current pandemic crisis, things must be done differently going forward. We all must adapt to this new paradigm. It is imperative to have proven leadership to do so. We must develop a plan to protect residents should this occur again.

I intend to ensure that our town health department begins to stockpile critical supplies, such as masks, gloves and protective gear – not only for our township employees, but for residents as well.

We must be creative in how we structure payments for property taxes, water and sewer bills. Funds must be set aside in the budget so that we are prepared to delay residents’ payments when they are hurting most.

There is still work to be done, but based on what you and I have accomplished so far, we have a firm foundation to accomplish more in the future and I would greatly appreciate your support and your vote by mail no later than May 12th.

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