Weekend Family Fun (At Home): Crafts and Classic Games With a Twist

Weekend Family Fun (At Home) is sponsored by Kate McDonough.

Another week at home means another week of at-home activities. Continuously finding new fun and games the family can enjoy can get tedious, so that’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best we discovered this week.

Here’s an easy way to take the classic Tic-Tac-Toe and turn it into something new. Using paper plates and tape, create a giant Tic-Tac-Toe game. Bigger is better, right? And if the kids think X’s and O’s are boring, have them come up with something new!

Still have paper plates? Try out this extra-large version of Memory. The game can be easy for little ones with a small number of plates or make it challenging for older kids by using many plates. Kids can come up with what should go on the plates such as letters, colors, faces, or anything they want! Creating the game can be just as fun as playing it. And, if it’s not too windy out, try taking the game outdoors!

If you have yarn and plastic straws, then you have what it takes for the kids to weave their own bracelets, bookmarks, and more. This craft is simple enough for smaller children and engaging enough for older kids. This craft is also small and lightweight enough to mail as a gift for a loved one.

Remember making paper chains as a kid? They were fun to create and then decorate with! If that’s not going to be enough to entertain your kids, check out this tutorial for making paper bracelets. It’s as simple as folding strips of paper together and then fastening them to make a bracelet. But instead of making single rings, link them together to form a chain. Cutting the paper, folding it, and making enough to form a long chain will certainly take up plenty of time. It’s also an activity that can be stretched out over days – maybe even keep going to see how long the chain can get as social distancing continues.

If you think you don’t have things around the house to create an obstacle course, think again! It’s easy to create a “balance beam” from a jump rope, a tunnel from two chairs and blanket, or a “trampoline” from couch cushions. Kids can get involved in the creation as the obstacles snake through the house. If it’s nice out, some ideas can easily be used outdoors as well. If some friendly competition works well with siblings, try timing the course to see who can go the fastest!

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