Dr. Baskerville: “We Have To Make Sure Every Ballot That Should Be Counted Is Counted”

Dr. Renee Baskerville

Montclair has announced the winners of its municipal election, but mayoral candidate Dr. Renee Baskerville says it’s not over.

Baskerville writes:

In NJ’s inaugural pilot test of an all vote by mail election (VBM) where 8% of the ballots were rejected, during this Coronavirus pandemic that caused decreased Post Office hours and personnel shortages at the Montclair Post Office…. we have to make sure that every ballot that should be counted is counted. Only 195 votes separate the candidates. There are more than 400 ballots that have not yet been considered and many additional ballots still coming in. Every ballot that could have and should have been counted must be fully and fairly counted. We eagerly anticipate an expedited review of all outstanding ballots to ensure that all who cast their ballots in a timely manner are counted.

I thank Chris Durkin, Linda Von Nassi, all staff, and volunteers who put their lives on the line to ensure the integrity of this election.

In Essex County, any citizen has 15 days from the date of an election to ask for recount or challenge through the State Superior court system, which means there are nine days left to challenge Montclair’s May 12 election.

Baristanet asked Dr. Baskerville if she will challenge the election through the courts.

“Yes,” she replied.

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  1. That is the shortest reply ever by Dr Baskerville.
    Which means she is committed. All in.
    Like the Deputy Mayor brouhaha…x100.

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